Michelle Obama’s $10,275 earrings.

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I don’t understand why everyone is all over Sarah Palin’s case re: $150,000 wardrobe when Michelle Obama was wearing a pair of Loree Rodkin earrrings on Tuesday night that retail for $10,275! Don’t get me wrong, I am OBSESSED with Rodkin’s designs. During the press previews several of us lo-fi editors put on a couple pieces and pretended they were actually a part of our permanent collection.  And to be fair, It is unclear where Michelle Obama got these white gold and diamond triple dangles (were they given to her? Did she purchase them at ultra luxe Ikram in Chicago? Did she borrow from her sister-in-law or Joe Biden’s wife? ) but they definitely aren’t fake nor are they affordable… well for me anyway.

P.S. did Mrs. Obama hire a stylist? Just askin’…

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  3. Rem Says:

    Let us not forget that Michelle Obama and President-elect Obama are successful attorneys. I’m sure that two Columbia U/Princeton U/Harvard graduates can afford luxuries such as these.

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  5. Ted Says:

    I am a guy. I am married and would be considered middle class. I have been married for 30 years. I think the earrings are beautiful. I would buy them in a second for my wife. I think I am missing the question here.

  6. Deborah Cooper Says:

    Please just lets us be happy about this historic event that God has blessed us with. If Mrs. Obama has on 10,000 dollar earrings, God Bless!! I believe that she deserves them. Thank you God for all that you have done.

  7. susan Says:

    Can anyone say, “possible “knockoff” “? Good grief people….I have some similar earrings purchased at Nordstrom’s last holiday season. CZ’s rule!!

  8. Dierdre Says:

    Do I need to remind some of you how much Michelle made last year? She can afford them. And why shouldn’t the First Lady be able to wear a $10,000 pair of earrings? “You” didn’t buy them. The money didn’t come out of your pocket.

  9. DarleenMB Says:

    The fuss over Palin’s wardrobe was that it was purchased with campaign funds in direct violation of FEC Rules. In other words, for those who need it spelled out for them… those clothes were purchased ILLEGALLY.

    and who’s to say that Michelle’s earrings weren’t LENT to her the way jewelers lend their wares to actresses for Oscar night. Get a grip folks.

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